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the collected writings of my teenage years

so i wrote a lot when i was a teenager.
it was usually through angst, but also through the general perceptions of a pre-depressed mind.
looking back, some things aren't so bad.  most of them are.  but i'm sharing them anyways, because i've had a hell of a time trying to write without my sadness, and this will maybe remind me that it is possible to create things when you're not miserable.

(i should mention that this little foray into my history wouldn't be possible without bluekaffee.  hat tip for that.)
i'm starting with the newest things (high school cool) because they are less embarrassing.  or maybe more embarrassing because they are more recent and i can't hide behind the general guise of the absolute hideousness of junior high. nothing recent, because that's just scary.

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and we can smile but we just can&…