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the six things i have learned from unbearable sadness

there are things that come from sadness. one of them is knowledge.
people spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of depression; how it hurls you into a world and life that is much deeper than however you were living before.  this is partly true.  i'm not so sure it outweighs the detrimental effects of depression, such as being depressed all the time, but there are definitely benefits from depression, little gifts that find their way into your psyche and then one day you realize the simple fact that you have learned something.
so these are the things i have learned from my sadness.  i am sharing this little macabre compendium not to trumpet my wisdom, but to remind people of the little hopes that exist in sorrow, and hopefully somewhere this will ring the little bells of truth for somebody.
and so here we are.  i have been unbearably sad for over six years.  i am finally starting to feel better.  these are the things i have learned.
1. there is love. there is something abo…