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five: you're safe with me

sometimes i find myself surrounded by enough friends and family who are able to gently coax me into the right decisions for my mental health and mental fitness. (i really dig the term mental fitness.  i'll probably be using it a lot from now on).  right now the right thing for me to do is write about my sadness. because i am feeling sad and i have been feeling sad for the past year and especially the past month and right now i just need help, and people to smile at me and tell me it is going to be okay.
this is how i feel.  when i wake up in the morning i feel like my entire body is swollen with lead. it feels like there is a cement block smashed on my head that tries to keep me in bed. then i get up.  i get out of my bed.  i want you to know that i really honest to god do absolutely everything i can to feel better.  so i get out of bed.  then i take nessie for a walk.  i walk briskly so endorphins can bop around and do their thing but it doesn't always help.  the sun is nice…