ottawa, ho!

this is a short post to tell you that i am moving to ottawa today.  
i am scared and it feels like someone has a balloon in the cavity of my torso that they are blowing up which feels a little like anxiety.
and also excitement.  i'm excited too.  ottawa is full of the most wonderful people and my most darling friends and i know that this is the best thing i can do for myself right now and i will be full of happiness and fun and joy.

i'm driving with hot geoffrey, so obviously the road trip is going to be a hilarious display of disgruntled meaggy following redundant safety measures and my dear father trying to interrupt my crying.  maybe i will make a rule: dad you're not allowed to interrupt my crying. i'm going to get there and be hurled into errands like oh i don't know buying everything you need to live.  
i will post something longer about the shared tragedy of moving away from newfoundland.  later.  when i'm done crying.  

for now, let this rock know i love her.
i love this place.
and i love all my friends and family that live here.

i won't be gone long.  a year, maybe two.  however long it takes me to find my way back home.  my mother is convinced i won't return to newfoundland.  obviously she has never met me.  saltwater is in my blood.  the sea is what i am made of.  

god guard thee.

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