for sophie (with bellows and love)

you know what helps me when i am depressed?

especially this baby.

this is a poem for this baby, my little lovely cousin sophie.
because i love her more than anything and it is really just that simple.  also she loves me so it is all very validating.

for sophie (with bellows and love)
the world holds you
with complete delight-
time rocks you in reverence
and seconds and hours are prayers for you.

the world is new and
it sings and sighs in solar keys
and mountains hills and trees
are temples
with life for living.
you are the most beautiful melody
each note a psalm
and love your heart is one great balm
that soothes us.

honey you are pure life
your eyes pools of
deep genuflection
you find love for everything

and darling you love so truthfully.


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