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to finish and to start

all of my words until now are important background i guess.

but this is all you need to know to understand this blog.

i have terrible refractory depression and sometimes it is basically unbearable but i'm on my way to feeling better.this blog won't be about my sadness.  i've already gone through that, and i can't really think of any real reason to keep churning out metaphors for misery.this is about the little pieces of wisdom that make sadness easier, and trying to love everyone.i promised my friends i would try to make it back to myself and the person i used to be.  for the past year i've been using all of my cognitive resources to get myself out of bed, or to leave the house, or something which is finewhatever considering circumstances, but now i need to get it together.  depression acts like it is this impenetrable darkness and it feels like that too, and so the words that people spend hours stringing together to make someone feel better often don't work and…