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truth is here

i am starting to write now
about me and my heart and my soul and how i love everyone always and how that is usually just a very hard thing to do.
sometimes, i am a sad person
the blues are blue and the world is what it is and that is okay but
now i want to find light and i hope that's okay
my writing here
might be some huge triumph

but there is really no way for me to know that at this stage.  this blog is for me in a lot of ways, but it is for the world too.  i can't really see why anyone except me or people who happen to care about me would read it.  but the truth is, sometimes i just need to speak and not necessarily be heard
(maybe i am the tree that falls in the forest and this blog is the sound that i do not make).
but if you would like to hear me, you are welcome to.
this is more about welcoming people to hear my heart than hoping that they do.

this is where i am right now.
i have spent a lot of years…